Quality and transparency

All our animals are raised in the open air for a long aging period which ensures a remarkable taste quality.

In addition, we selected our animals for their hardiness, as well as the recognized flavour of their meat.


Our vegetable productions

- Forage

- Cereals

-Leguminous plant

Feed machine

After producing grain and other protein crops, we process them directly on the farm through our feed machine. In this way, we control, from the beginning until the end, the feeding of our animals.

Butcher's room


To ensure the quality of our products, Highland meat, lambs and porks are cut, processed and packaged directly on the farm.


Furthermore, our cold rooms allow a slow maturation of Highland meat, so that it reveals all its flavours.

Ecological sanitation


In order to treat the wastewater generated by our home and our butcher activity, we have implemented ecological sanitation by plants : reeds.


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