On the way to more autonomy and sustainability


It is in 1989 that Olivier Gabilleau settles on the farm bought by his parents in the past. In 2001, his wife Blandine took over the family farm at a distance of 20 km, which allowed them to work together. Concerned about the consequences of intensive farming, the growing integration of farms and the decline of farmer autonomy, Olivier has been thinking about the future of his farm since 1995. It is gradually that it develops an approach to improve its agricultural practices (return to more "agronomy" by paying attention to the life of the soil), development of the territory (to sell directly on the farm, a feed machine and a butcher’s room have been put in place) and preservation of the environment (marsh restoration).



Goals are to convert the farm into organic and eventually work with our children.

  • 90 hectares divided between crops and forage areas
  • About 20 hectares of marshland register as a “Natura 2000 area"
  •  A herd of "Highland cattle": a production that respects animal welfare and the exceptional environment in which these cattle brushers graze
  • Direct sale on the farm of Highland beef in boxes, Bayeux Longue pork, Bleu du Maine lamb and poultry (Label Rouge)


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