A herd of confident and peaceful cows


“Les Petit Tresseaux” farm practices simple methods to raise its animals :

  • Presence of the breeder during calving, or in the hours that follow (quick and painless clip of the ear-tag)
  • Daily approach of calves when they suckle or when they sleep. Start of brushing (cleaning of meconium: first thick mess glued to the hair)
  • Brushing calves to the meadow, without ever constraining, from birth to weaning (tail, crotch, belly ...)
  • Cattle weaned for two weeks, the calves are taken to the trough, held in a halter. Brushing accentuated at the places of the licks of the mother (neck, cheeks, dewlap, forehead, genitals parts). Brushing is always accompanied by the breeder's voice. Weaning is the moment of emotional transfer from the mother to the breeder.
  • Calves are released in the meadow, approached, brushed daily (show the halter or put it on the neck or back of the animal: non-traumatic memory).

The relationship of proximity is first a comfort of work for all



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